Milwaukee Area Workforce Funding Alliance

About Us

The Milwaukee Area Workforce Funding Alliance (WFA) is an employer-driven consortium of private and public funders of workforce development dedicated to increasing the Milwaukee region’s employment environment – to the benefit of both Milwaukee’s businesses that need skilled workers and for the individuals seeking good jobs and careers with family-supporting wages. Drawing from a collaborative workforce funding template first introduced by the National Fund for Workforce Development, the Funding Alliance is designed to reduce / eliminate barriers to successful employment, while also filling gaps in the recruitment, training and support services provision for entry-level and incumbent workers.

  1. Partner with employers in growth sectors and local workforce leadership to develop robust, demand driven pipelines for career advancement that result in economic benefits to both employers and workers.
  1. Increase access to sustainable wage career pathways through skill development, closing of skill gaps, and creation of employment opportunities.
  1. Disseminate and support policies for systems change that result in a better-coordinated workforce system, serving low skill workers.
  1. Assure the long-term sustainability of the collaborative by building leadership and resources